A2 is our standard for Accuracy and Anonymity.

The DOOH market is entering a new quantifiable age and advertisers and marketeers require more and more data behind their campaigns, enabling them to compete with the statistics-led online marketplace.

We believe that this new dawn of DOOH needs data but it also needs this data to be secure and anonymous. No targeted adverts, no spying, no profiling, no false age-range data. Not now, not ever.

What benefit is it to know that the viewer of your advert is between 30 and 50, black or white, apparently happy or sad? Our ethos is simple – be as accurate as we can and as secure. That way we can help assist the growth of the market AND benefit the public at the same time. Big Data is big news and industries across the globe are becoming increasingly responsive to the benefits of good statistics and analysis. This field of audience measurement is only just coming into it’s own and we want to ensure some of the mistakes of the online advertising world aren’t brought into the real world we all live and work in.

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